Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone Among Leaders Invited to International, Multidisciplinary Roundtable on Exercise and Cancer

03/13/18  Portland, OR

Experts will update exercise recommendations for cancer survivors, add prevention guidance.

Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone will join other leading subject matter experts to update current exercise recommendations for cancer survivors based on the latest science, as well as add new recommendations regarding the effect of exercise on cancer prevention. Dr. Winters-Stone serves as a Professor in the OHSU School of Nursing and Co-Program Leader for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

A recognized expert in exercise oncology, Dr. Winters-Stone will be part of an esteemed group of leaders representing select organizations on the forefront of health promotion and the fight against cancer. The roundtable will focus on two major objectives: translating the latest scientific and clinical empirical evidence into new, practical recommendations and creating effective tools for clinicians and the public based on the recommendations. The work done in support of each objective will be published in peer-reviewed literature during the first quarter of 2019.

The roundtable is being convened by the American College of Sports Medicine and Hosted by Sunflower Wellness.

If you are interested in interviewing Dr. Winters-Stone about the roundtable, and/or if you'd like to be contacted when the outcomes are published, please contact Franny White, 503-494-8231.