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Commencement Awards 2016Summer 2016 Connections
Student and faculty awards for 2016

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Grads need to be collaboration-ready; new OHSU tool assesses "teamness" for clinical placement
One OHSU nurse researcher and her colleagues have developed a tool to assess how well sites that train health care professionals, including nurses, achieve interprofessional collaboration.
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Rural Track Nursing: Learning to nurture amid nature
Along with the projects and clinical work, students take a course in understanding rural communities, their health care systems and providers.
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SNACZ: Research in rural union County translates into more healthful snacking
Given evidence that "food environments" (where people obtain food) affect eating behavior, Findholt says the goal was to improve food offered at school and corner grocery stores.
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Alumni Advisory Council Update

Learn more about a new member: Adora McDougal

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Student Profile
Check out the latest student profile: Kristal Nease
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