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Are you thinking of becoming a nurse?

Nursing is an exciting and challenging career that offers men and women a variety of career options in dynamic practice specialties and settings. Nurses care for individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds, healthy and ill, and who have physical, emotional, psychological, and/or social needs. All nurses hold one or more credential depending on their scope of practice and education.

Explore Nursing

Types of Nurses

Nursing is the most diverse of the health care fields.  There are a variety of specialties nurses can pursue depending upon both their personal interests as well as the needs of the individuals seeking help.  Whether you are looking to provide bedside care at a local hospital, community care through public health education, or contribute to nursing science as an educator or researcher-nursing can provide you with a wide variety of opportunities! Learn more about nursing specialties

Think outside the hospital

Many nurses will seek employment at local hospitals and clinics; however nurses are also employed outside of these units. Nurses also work in the community at schools, correctional facilities and health departments. They work in the private sector with nursing homes, home health care agencies, and provide private care to large businesses. Nurses work internationally through the PeaceCorps, Doctors without Borders, and the World Health Organization. The possibilities are endless!