Doctor of Philosophy

"We are changing the course of nursing science. We want you to change it with us."

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 Program at a Glance

  • The Ph.D. is a research-intensive degree to prepare nurse scientists.
  • A Ph.D. can be completed in 3-7 years.
  • Courses are taught in person on the Portland campus.
  • OHSU is a health sciences campus with access to laboratories, clinical populations and research centers.
  • See meet our Ph.D. faculty to learn about faculty research expertise.
  • Meet our Ph.D. students to learn about their research.
  • OHSU School of Nursing 2016 Ph.D. Cohort: highlighting four students. Read the article
Student Learning Outcomes For This Program

At the end of the PhD program the graduate will be able  to:

  1. Master in-depth  knowledge in a substantive area.
  3. Appreciate the history and philosophy of  science.
  5. Critique and integrate different science perspectives  in the conduct of research to generate new ideas.
  7. Design and  conduct original research.
  9. Participate in  interprofessional research.
  11. Utilize  professional and research  ethics and judgment in the  conduct of research.
  13. Assume leadership in the conduct of culturally competent scholarship to improve policy and practice.
  15. Communicate scholarship to multiple  audiences including through peer referred publications and presentations.
  17. Appreciate the  components of scholarship: research,  teaching, and service to the profession.
  19. Understand the evolving roles  and responsibilities of a nurse scholar.
  21. Lead in  advancing the profession.
  23. Contribute to the education of future scholars through discovery, teaching, and healing.

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For program specifics, Student Learning Outcomes and detailed school information, check out the School of Nursing Catalog/Student Handbook.

ARCS Awards

The ARCS® Foundation Oregon will provide two awards to two incoming PhD students this year. The award is in the amount of $6,000/year for three years for a total of $18,000.

More info on ARCS

These awards will be given to the first 2 qualified applicants to the OHSU School of Nursing PhD that matriculate into the program in Fall 2018. These funds can be combined with other potential awards to help cover your educational costs beyond tuition and fees!

Donors of the two awards are Barbara Giesy, (The Giesy Family UME Award), and Kate Joseph and Tom Murray.

ARCS® Foundation, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to supporting the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate scholars by providing financial awards in science, engineering and medical research.

Inspired and enabled by ARCS Foundation's financial support at a crucial moment in their scientific careers, ARCS Foundation's scholars are an impressive, influential and growing community.

All early applications to the PhD program will be given full consideration for an award to cover tuition, fees and a monthly stipend for the first two years of the program.


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