Oregon Health and Science University School of Nursing offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral opportunities. A variety of courses and program pathways are available to fit your needs.

Undergraduate degree programs

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Our programs for undergraduates include Bachelor of Science, accelerated Bachelor of Science and Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science (RNBS). Dual admission options let students look beyond the Bachelor's level to further their career at a faster pace.

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Master's degree programs

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Master's degree programs include Health Systems & Organizational Leadership (HSOL) and Nursing Education. There are dual admissions options for more accelerated learning as well.

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Doctorate degree programs

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The OHSU School of Nursing is proud to offer two state-of-the-art doctoral programs –the research doctorate (Ph.D.) and the practice doctorate (D.N.P.). The DNP includes Advanced Nursing Practice with 6 specialty certifications.All programs are delivered by experienced faculty, dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.

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Sample programs of study

There are several sample programs of study for you to look over to get more familiar with what a program might look like.

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Certificate Programs

Our graduate Certificate Programs in either Nursing Education or Health Systems and Organizational Leadership are cost-effective, fully online programs that enhances the skills of practicing nurses so they can succeed in teaching or leadership roles.