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Office of Research Development and Support

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The Office of Research Development and Support (ORDS) is the School's research support office and the portal through which both submission of grant applications and post-award grants management occur.

ORDS services range from educating faculty about technical aspects of grants, to providing consultation and advice about grant applications, to hands-on activities for successful grant application submissions and post-award management. Consultation with staff is available during all phases of grant development from inception through funding and submission of grant final reports.

Faculty are encouraged to meet with the Senior Associate Dean for Research to discuss research interests, identify potential funding sources, and make plans for proposal writing. The Senior Associate Dean for Research works with faculty to arrange for pre-submission reviews of their proposal. Peer reviews are strongly encouraged so that grant writers benefit from critique early and often in the grant writing process in order to submit applications that will be competitive.

Once a plan for submitting a proposal takes shape, faculty should let ORDS staff know of the intent to submit a grant application so the pre-award process can begin.

ORDS' pre-award services cover manyaspects of the research application process. The first contact in ORDS is theManager of Research and Finance who assigns a Grants/Contracts Coordinator toassist with the application. Some of the support ORDS provides during thepre-award phase includes:

  • Interpretingtechnical aspects of RFAs
  • Assistingwith budget & subcontract development
  • ProvidingBoiler Plate information about ORDS, the School, and the University
  • Informationabout formatting bio-sketches
  • Creation andcompletion of Forms pages
  • Troubleshootingformatting and layout
  • Interfacingwith OHSU's Office of Proposal & Award Management (OPAM)
  • Assemblingthe application
  • Whenappropriate, submitting the final application

ORDSprovides a broad array of post-award support services geared to assuring thesmooth running of the budgetary aspects of a grant and adhering to the fiscalpolicies of the funding agency and the University. Once notification of fundinghas been received, the Manager of Research and Finance assigns the grant to oneof ORDS' Grants/Contracts Coordinators. The Grants/Contracts Coordinator is theprimary contact for day-to-day management of the grant budget. Some of thesupport ORDS provides during the post-award phase includes:

  • Advising onUniversity and funding agency policies and procedures
  • Assistingwith budget implementation
  • Assistingwith the submission of purchase orders
  • Preparinggrant related travel authorizations and travel reimbursement
  • Billingsubcontractors and assuring payments
  • Facilitatingincentive payment to research subjects
  • Reviewingmonthly budget statements for accuracy
  • Providingmonthly budget reports to the principal investigator

ORDS'STATS CORE provides consultation about quantitative study designs duringproposal development along with data management and statistical analysis at thepost-award phase. Post-award support is fee-for-service on funded grants andshould be budgeted in the grant application. Generally, the following servicesare appropriate:

  • Researchdesign and methods – brief consultation
  • Guidance inwriting design and analysis sections for grant proposals
  • Advice aboutanalyzing existing data for preliminary studies sections
  • Poweranalysis and sample size determination
  • Datamanagement (e.g., setting up data files, data cleaning)
  • Evaluatingthe psychometric adequacy of measures
  • Assistancewith and/or conducting and interpreting statistical analyses