Klamath Falls Graduation


Invitations, Caps, Gowns, Tassels

The OIT Paper Owl bookstore sells invitations for you to purchase, as well as caps, gowns, and tassels. All caps and gowns are black and are the same for both OHSU and OIT. The tassels are apricot for nursing. Please check with the bookstore for prices. Their phone number is 541-885-1050.

Application for Degree

 The OHSU Application for Degree may be obtained online at www.OHSU.edu/registrar web site or from Tanya Chard.  Tanya will send all the forms as a group to the registrar's office.    If you are receiving an Associate's Degree or Minor from OIT at the same time as your OHSU degree, you will need to follow the OIT requirements to receive their degree. Those who would like to participate in the OIT Commencement Ceremony, will need to complete the OIT walk form.

More Details

Traditionally seniors have put together a slide show to be shown at the convocation ceremony. The production is up to the class and is shown on a repeat cycle while guests are coming in to be seated. A copy must be given to the nursing department one week prior to convocation. The class votes on a student speaker, and also votes on a faculty speaker.  This is usually done during spring term.  

What to Wear

Caps and gowns will be worn for the convocation ceremony.  Please no jeans, or tennis/athletic shoes underneath gowns.   Nursing pins are optional and are purchased by students.


For more information on graduation for the Klamath Falls campus, please contact  Tanya Chard at

541 885-1665, chardt@ohsu.edu

Items regarding events and requirements will be posted prior to the graduation date.

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