Student Affairs

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Welcome to OHSU from the Office of Student Affairs & Diversity.

Our goal is to make sure that all students in all programs are supported, informed, and engaged during your time at OHSU School of Nursing.
Overall, our office is responsible for:

  • Recruitment and admissions
  • Scholarships
  • Student compliance
  • Student conduct and grievance
  • Student writing and learning support
  • Student life
  • Student organizations
  • Peer mentoring
  • Diversity planning and reporting
  • International programs
  • Student complaints
  • Completion and graduation

Transitioning to OHSU is more than just starting your courses with us. 

Knowing your cohort, connecting with your faculty, and utilizing the resources that are available to you will all be a part of your success as a student. OHSU is a dynamic institution with over 12,000 employees and over 2,800 students in a variety of health and science programs. Make sure to utilize the School of Nursing and OHSU resources that are listed on these pages to help you make the most of your academic career with us.
Get in touch with someone on the Student Affairs Team.

Academic Support Units

Whether you have questions or are just curious about where you can go for academic support, the following units will be helpful for you: Center for Diversity and Inclusion, OHSU Student AccessAffirmative Action & Equal Opportunity, and Title IX.

Student Organizations

Students are involved in a number of student groups located across Oregon. Get involved and connected by seeking out your fellow students in these areas.

Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic

Student-run free clinics have a long-standing history of helping meet the health needs of underserved populations while also enriching students' professional education. With this in mind, students from Portland State University (PSU), Oregon Health &Science University (OHSU), and Oregon State University (OSU) have joined forces with Transition Projects (TPI) to take student-run free clinics to a new level of interprofessional innovation by launching Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic (BCCC).