Emergency Medicine Simulation

The Emergency Medicine Simulation program at OHSU is focused on providing a hands-on opportunity in order to improve students confidence and competence; with a large educational focus on the principles of crisis resource management, effective teamwork, leadership and communication all in a real time, high stakes environments.


The Department of Emergency Medicine Simulation program represents a collaboration of faculty and staff in the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine dedicated to the use of High Fidelity Simulation as a teaching and research tool for critical resuscitation skills. Emergency Medicine Simulation is committed to partnerships across the university campus, The OHSU School of Medicine and the state of Oregon to make in situ high fidelity simulation available to as many healthcare providers as possible in their arenas of practice. We believe strongly in the value of interdisciplinary training that crosses and integrates all disciplines and levels of care from pre-hospital EMS to physician and nurses to promote the highest fidelity simulation experiences possible.