Nurse Anesthesia Simulation

Nurse Anesthesia Program

The Nurse Anesthesia Simulation Program (NAP) is dedicated to providing students with hands on experiences in a controlled simulated clinical environment. Highly structured clinical opportunities will be provided to allow integration of simulated acquired skills into real time patient care experiences.


Overview of Program

The Nurse Anesthesia Program is 27 months in length.  The program of study is rigorous and highly clinically focused.

In the first year, students receive a firm foundation in relevant basic and advanced anesthesia science along with intensive simulation experience.  The second year begins a five quarter sequence of clinical rotations designed to expose the student to a variety and depth of anesthesia experience.   

Students in the Nursing Anesthesia ProgramThe simulation program is designed to closely follow the didactic course work so that students can immediately practice what they are studying in their Anesthesia coursework in a safe and controlled learning environment.    

NAP Simulation Coordinators

Ahmed Alshaarawi, MS, CRNA no-photono-photo

     Ahmed Alshaarawi        Dawson Cabbage             Kathy Cook
             MS, CRNA                      MN, CRNA                     MS, CRNA

Darryl DuVall, MS, CRNAEric Vecchi
          Darryl DuVall                   Eric Vecchi
             MS, CRNA