Schedule Use of the Simulation Center - Internal Clients Only

Please see our scheduling requirements to make sure you have submitted all of the necessary information.

3S- Standardized Patients and Clinical Exam Rooms

Use this form for reserving ALL simulations requiring the use of 3S clinical exam rooms, including OSCEs, Physicals, and History Exams.

3S and 4S - Clinical Skills Session

Use this form to request skills labs - most commonly used by the undergraduate nursing program.

4S- UME & GME High-Fidelity Simulations

Use this form for manikin based high-fidelity simulations conducted on 4S in the CLSB. These are events that do not require use of the clinical skills lab or clinical exam rooms.

4S- Clinical / Unit-Based Education Simulations

Use this form to schedule all unit-based simulations including high fidelity simulations conducted on 4S of the CLSB.

VirtuOHSU Simulation and Surgical Training Center

Use this form to schedule all simulations including technical skills, invasive procedures, tissue-based activities, and surgery training courses.

In-Situ Simulations

Use this form to schedule all In-Situ simulations, campus-wide.

Tour Scheduler

Use this form to schedule of tour of our new, state-of-the-art Simulation Center at the CLSB.

Equipment Loan Request

Use this form to request a loan of simulation equipment, including manikins and task trainers. 

Simulation Incident Report

Use this form to submit a simulation incident report in relation to your experience (equipment failure, communications, and service).

Scheduling Requirements

Please note that we must have the following information for each day scheduled in order to confirm space utilization:

  1. Spaces requested.
  2. Schedule of events by day- this includes specific timing as our Sim Ops Specialists often have other courses/learners they are balancing.
  3. Equipment Needs/Disposable Supplies.
  4. Paperwork for cases- e.g. chart documentation, notes, etc (we have a number of scenario templates if you need assistance).

Unfortunately, if we do not have all of the above information we cannot confirm courses on our calendar.