Faculty Senate

Connect with the Faculty Senate

The OHSU Faculty Senate is a collective group of faculty representatives from across the University that come together to discuss, plan, advise and where appropriate takes action within its mission on any matter of general interest or concern to the Faculty or pertaining to OHSU. This includes, but not limited to: 

  • academic policies
  • educational standards, curricula, new programs, regulations
  • research
  • faculty status
  • strategic planning 
  • budget 
  • aspects of student life that relate to the university environment.

Faculty Members - For more information about current members or what is going on in the Faculty Senate, please feel free to visit the internal Faculty Senate Connect site where you will find a list of Current Faculty Senate Representatives, join the Faculty Discussion Board, and even message your senator directly.

For all other inquiries on the Faculty Senate, please or call 503 494-7766 and you will be redirected to the Senate Representative who can address your inquiry accordingly.

2018-2019 Faculty Senate Representatives

Affiliated Units

Jonah Sacha
Joseph Needoba
Kristina DeShazo
Lucia Carbone
Mitchell Turker

College of Pharmacy

Harleen Singh

School of Dentistry

Barry Taylor
Lisa Greene
Nasser Said-Al-Naief
Rose McPharlin

School of Medicine - Unit A

Derick Du Vivier - President
Amy Miller Juve
Chidi Ani

School of Medicine - Unit B

Jonathan Pak
Targol Saedi

School of Medicine - Unit C

Karen Eden
Marian McDonagh

School of Medicine - Unit D

Emily Jacobsen
Moira Ray

School of Medicine - Unit E

Amy Garcia
Martina Ralle

School of Nursing

Amy Ross
Benjamin Schultze
Kristin Lutz - Immediate Past President
Lissi Hansen
Nick Miehl
Rana Najjar

School of Public Health

Byung Park