Office of the Provost

Elena Andresen, Ph.D. Interim Senior Vice President and Provost
Elena Andresen, Ph.D., Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

The Office of the Provost works collaboratively with the Office of the Executive Vice Provost and the Office for Student Affairs to ensure academic and student success.  The Executive Vice President and Provost serves as the Chief Academic Officer of Oregon Health & Science University. In conjunction with the President and in cooperation with the faculty, the Provost is the primary leader of the academic mission of the University and has responsibility for providing vision, creating strategies, prioritizing resources, and ensuring the quality of that mission.

The Provost reports directly to the President, and along with the other members of the President's Executive Leadership Team, provides the overarching vision and strategic leadership for all the missions of Oregon Health & Science University.

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Oversees the following areas of service

College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy program in conjunction with Oregon State University offers the Doctor of Pharmacy degree that allows you to work as a pharmacist anywhere in the United States, whether it be advising other healthcare professionals, working in regional districts for nationwide retail, assisting with relief response or owning a private pharmacy.

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Global Health Center

The Global Health Center is a university-wide program that promotes interdisciplinary global health education, research, service and advocacy to reduce the burden of illness and injury at home and abroad.

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Interprofessional Education

OHSU is looking to lead an educational revolution, building a model interprofessional program that will help make collaborative practice the new standard of health care everywhere. As a critical aspect of OHSU's strategic plan, it's a goal you've probably heard about before.

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Office of the Executive Vice Provost

The Office of the Executive Vice Provost works to ensure academic and student success by providing academic fiscal management, oversight of institutional accreditation, management of academic programs and inter-institutional agreements and the implementation and oversight of academic policies.

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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs includes a broad range of services and programs devoted to the social, physical, psychological, financial, ethical, and cognitive development of all OHSU students in support of OHSU's mission.

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School of Dentistry

The OHSU School of Dentistry prepares graduates in general dentistry and the dental specialties to deliver compassionate and ethical oro-facial health care.

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School of Medicine

The OHSU School of Medicine is dedicated to preparing physicians, scientists and health care professionals for the responsibilities of their calling, while also providing outstanding care to patients from Oregon and elsewhere.

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School of Nursing

The OHSU School is dedicated to excellence in nursing education through lifelong learning; compassionate, high-quality care of individuals and communities; and the comprehensive pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

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School of Public Health

Currently in the planning stage, the Portland Metropolitan School of Public Health formed from a collaboration of OHSU and PSU, would be able to create a unique program emphasis given the strengths of each institution in the fields of public health.

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Simulation at OHSU

The focus of Simulation at OHSU is multi-factorial and include education, research, patient care quality improvement, cost efficiency, improved patient safety and community outreach. OHSU has achieved international recognition for the work it is doing in simulation and has provided templates used across the world for best practices in patient care.

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