Office of Student Affairs

The purpose of the Office of Student Affairs at OHSU is to create a campus environment that attracts and supports students of varying backgrounds & abilities and to empower them to reach their full potential. The office works in partnership with OHSU's Office of the Executive Vice Provost, faculty, staff, and students to enhance student learning inside and outside the classroom.


The Office of Student Affairs includes a broad range of services and programs devoted to the social, physical, psychological, financial, ethical, and cognitive development of all OHSU students in support of OHSU's mission to educate tomorrow's health professionals, scientists, engineers and managers in toptier programs that prepare them for a lifetime of learning, leadership and contribution.


Student Resources

Enrollment Management: Registrar and Financial Aid

Enrollment Management processes applications for student aid funding; determines individual student eligibility; disburses individual student aid funding; reconciles accounts; completes federal and state reports on various funding sources and requests future funding; maintains compliance with all current federal and state financial aid laws and regulations. In addition, the office creates and maintains the official academic record for all OHSU students; completes registration, grading and transcript processing; performs degree auditing and awards the official OHSU degree; completes federal and state reports on admissions, enrollment and completions; and maintains the Banner Institutional Student Information System.

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Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Service, provide specialized support to students and employees in order to comply with complex immigration regulations.

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JBT Health and Wellness Center

The Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center offers primary and behavioral health care for students, women's health and contraceptive services, pre- and post-travel advice and care, pre-immunization, wellness and counseling services. In addition, the office coordinates outside referrals, administers university-sponsored student health insurance, conducts orientation for new students of the various programs and schools and facilitates the Student Health Advisory Committee, which provides feedback and guides the structure of the university-sponsored student health insurance.

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Student Life at OHSU

Student Life programming and services that support students' collegiate experience include: Student Center on the Marquam Hill campus, student government and organizations, Campus Store, as well as the March Wellness and Fitness Center in the Center for Health & Healing located at the base of the tram. The overarching mission of these units is to create an engaging campus environment that provides students with developmental opportunities that promote student success.

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