Campus Life Services Resource Center

Campus Life Services

From transportation, housing, social media, and business support to childcare, entertainment, fitness, and more-- the businesses of Campus Life Services have touched everyone, at every campus location.  The Office of Academic and Student Affairs will work hard to help make life better for the people who teach, study, work, and visit OHSU.

Activities on Campus

Global Health Center

The Global Health Center is a university-wide program that promotes interdisciplinary global health education, research, service and advocacy to reduce the burden of illness and injury at home and abroad.

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March Wellness

March wellness offers health and fitness programs, based in science, that are designed to strengthen and nurture all aspects of your daily life – no matter what your state of health or stage of life – in a safe, supportive and motivating environment.

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Student Center

The OHSU Student Center provides social, recreational, and cultural opportunities to students and members of the OHSU community.  Through its dynamic environment, the Student Center stimulates interdisciplinary interaction and cultivates a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff, and is dedicated to conducting programs that enrich educational and work experiences. 

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Student Council

On our site you will find information important to all OHSU students, including news and events, helpful resources and links, as well as our quarterly newsletter publication, The PULSE.

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Entertainment Resources in Portland

Dining in Portland

From world renowned food carts to organic and sustainable Brew Pubs. Portland Oregon has one of the most eclectic and diverse food scenes in the Northwest.  Food designed to accommodate any taste buds and budget, you'll find you don't have to travel far to satisfy your cravings.

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Lodging in Portland

Portland has many lodging options for visitors who come to OHSU from outside the Portland metropolitan area. OHSU has partnered with local area hotels and travel partners that are offering special rates for OHSU students, employees, and visiting guests. *Please note, hotel rates may vary based on availability.

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Shopping in Portland

World class shopping at it's best.  Conveniently located on or around the Tri Met Max Line, Portland has eclectic array of shopping choices with the benefit of no sales tax.

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Art &Culture in Portland

Portland's Art and Culture scene is as unique as the individuals who make up this city. A harmonious pallet of Classical and contemporary, all swirled together to make the vibrant culture of what is known as Portland.

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The Music Scene

Live music to club guides.  Find out who is coming to Portland and what venue to visit.

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