Student Insurance Waiver

The Summer A Term Waiver will be Open from 6/6/19 - 7/6/19

The Summer B Term Waiver will be Open from 7/5/19 - 8/13/19

The Fall Term Waiver will be Open from 8/26/19 - 10/9/19

To complete your waiver - please see the links below. You must be actively enrolled as a student to complete the waiver application. Waivers completed at any time during the 2018-2019 insurance year are good through 9/21/2019

Domestic and International Medical Waiver

Dental Waiver


Waiver Application Process

  • The waiver process is available online only.
  • Only those who are registered for the current term will be able to submit a waiver. 
  • There are separate online waivers for medical and dental. If you wish to waive both the student medical and dental insurance, you will need to complete two separate online waiver applications. (SEE WAIVER LINKS ABOVE)
  • An automatic pass/fail will be issued after submitting the online waiver.
  • Waivers that do not meet the requirements of the student health plan and/or are incomplete or false will be denied
  • Approved waivers will be good through 9/21/2019.  Students must submit new waivers each year if they continue to have comparable coverage and wish to waive out of the student plans.
  • If the waiver deadline is missed, the student will have to wait until the following term waiver period to apply.
  • USI Support Team can be reached toll free at 800-853-5899 or via their direct email.
  • Please review this policy  regarding the procedure that OHSU will follow if a student is found to be uninsured.


Questions about the medical and/or dental waiver? 

If you have any questions about the waiver application process, waiver appeal process, or the student health or dental plan, please contact the OHSU Human Resources Benefits Office.

503-494-7617, Option 4

Sam Jackson Hall, room 1102

Waiver Deadlines

2018-2019 Student Health Insurance Term Dates/Costs and Waiver Deadlines

TermsSummer BFallWinterSpring/SummerSpringSummer A

Insurance Start Date

Insurance Stop Date













Online Waiver Begins

Online Waiver Close













SHIP Medical + Vision

SHIP Dental














If students miss a waiver deadline and would like to waive out of subsequent terms, they must wait until the next waiver period.




Waiver Criteria

Domestic students have a waiver application that requires an attestation similar to the draft form below.  International students have a waiver application that has additional required elements.

Please note, there are two waivers - one for medical and one for dental.  The below criteria is for the medical waiver.  To waive dental, the only requirement is to be able to demonstrate comparable coverage.

Once your waiver is approved for 2018-2019, it will be good through 9/21/2019 and you need not re-apply each term.  The waiver site opens approximately a month prior to the term start date.  You MUST be registered in order to be able to waive.  Once registered, please give the system 48-72 hours to update your eligibility.

Your comparable plan must be effective on or before the start of the insurance term.

o   Summer B - 8/1/18

o   Fall - 9/22/18

o   Winter -1/7/19

o   Spring - 4/1/19

o   Summer A - 6/15/19

If you already have a health insurance plan that you feel is comparable to the Student Health Insurance Plan and wish to apply for a waiver from the student plan, please be prepared to attest to the waiver requirements below.  If you do not have the answers to the questions listed below, please contact your insurance company to collect all the information prior to applying. It is important to note that the Student Health Insurance Plan offers world-wide coverage while many seemingly comparable health insurance plans through the federal exchange or the Medicaid system (Oregon Health Plan) may only have limited coverage and/or networks if leaving your local area which could result in limited or no benefit coverage.

Domestic Medical Plan Waiver Criteria

  • The plan is effective on or before the start of the term. 
  • The plan has in-patient hospital coverage at a minimum of 80%.
  • The plan has prescription drug coverage.
  • The plan has a deductible of $2,500 or less.
  • The plan has an annual plan maximum.
  • The plan has in-patient and out-patient mental health benefits.
  • The plan provides care in the state of Oregon.
  • Plan meets Silver, Gold or Platinum coverage value per the Affordable Care Act

Dental Plan Waiver Criteria

  • Coverage for diagnostic services (i.e. examinations and x-rays)
  • Coverage for preventive services (i.e. topical fluoride and periodontal maintenance)
  • Coverage for restorative services (i.e. fillings and crowns)

International Medical Plan Waiver Criteria

  • Coverage is in effect the first day of the term
  • Plan provides both local and national coverage
  • Plan provides inpatient and outpatient mental health benefits
  • Plan provides a minimum of 80% coverage for inpatient hospitalizations
  • Plan provides coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Plan does not have pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Plan does not have coverage minimums or maximums (i.e. maximum benefit payment per incident)
  • Plan includes pharmacy benefits (NOT a pharmacy discount program)
  • Plan meets Silver, Gold or Platinum coverage value per the Affordable Care Act

Waiver Appeals

Any student who submits a waiver and is denied has the option to appeal. Our insurance broker, USI, handles all waiver appeals. If your waiver is denied, you will be provided the steps of how to submit your online waiver appeal. All waiver determinations will be based upon the waiver criteria that has been set by the OHSU Student Health Advisory Committee and no exceptions will be made. 

For inquires about a waiver appeal or the status please call USI at 866.769.7600 or email them directly at

Qualifying Life Event-Loss of coverage

  • Students who are approved for a waiver and then experience a qualifying life event (age off a parental plan, loss of spousal insurance, cancellation of policy, etc.) are eligible to enroll in the Student Health/Dental Insurance Plan. 
  • Please notify the OHSU Benefits Office within 31 days of the event.  Please contact them at or by calling 503-494-7617 Option 4.
  • Enrollment would be for the full term period and coverage would begin the date coverage was lost.