JBT is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of student health information.  We take your confidentiality very seriously and welcome any questions about specifics.

  • All information disclosed within primary care and behavioral health appointments is confidential and may NOT be revealed to anyone outside JBT without your written permission, except as allowed by law.
  • JBT functions as an independent health clinic distinct from your academic and/or research program.  All electronic medical records are kept behind a special firewall (similar to psychiatric records) which prevents all non-JBT healthcare providers at OHSU from viewing any JBT clinic notes.
  • All JBT providers are prohibited from ever grading or evaluating our patients in any of their educational or training settings. While we might meet with or speak to student or postdoctoral groups in an academic setting, any form of evaluation is strictly prohibited.

For more detailed information, please review our Informed Consent Form and Confidentiality Statement (scroll to the third page for the confidentiality statement) or contact us at 503-494-8665.