Fees and Billing

Most services at JBT Health & Wellness Center are free. Please see the below sections for greater detail, and contact our office if you have any questions.


Behavioral Health Services

  • All appointments are free for all students and postdocs
  • We do not bill insurance
  • Couples counseling is free, though we will need to verify that your partner carries major medical insurance in case a referral is necessary


Primary Care Services

Most services done at JBT by in-house providers are free, with some exceptions.  Please review our Primary Care Services Billing Chart, which provides the clearest overview of costs for a variety of services.  The following information also applies to OHSU students' spouses, domestic partners, and adult children that receive primary care at JBT.  All patients must carry major medical insurance to be seen at JBT.

In general:

  • Office visits with JBT providers are free.  We bill insurance, and whatever is not paid for is covered by JBT (with some exceptions)
  • Labs run at JBT (urine pregnancy tests, urine dips, rapid strep tests only) and medical equipment dispensed at JBT (walking boots, crutches, splints) are free
  • Compliance requirements for returning students (tuberculosis screening, tetanus and flu vaccinations) are free
  • A few services done at JBT may have costs that depend on your insurance company, such as travel vaccines or acupuncture
  • Services sent or completed outside of JBT (referrals, bloodwork, specimens, radiology tests, etc.) are subject to those providers' billing practices and your insurance coverage

Please see our Primary Care Services Billing Chart for specifics, and ask us if you have any questions.


More detailed information about primary care billing:


JBT accepts and bills any insurance for primary care visits.  Billing insurance allows us to continue to offer quality care without increasing costs to OHSU students and postdoctoral scholars.  You do NOT need to have the Student Health Insurance Plan.

What will I pay?

Typically, you will pay nothing.  JBT does NOT charge for copays or deductibles for most services provided within our clinic (with a few exceptions, such as travel vaccines and acupuncture - see the Primary Care Services Billing Chart for specifics). 

Laboratory or other services sent or completed outside of JBT are subject to your insurance coverage and you will be responsible for any charges not covered.

In-network plans

JBT's primary care providers are in-network with a number of insurance carriers, including the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Moda and PacificSource (including the Student Health Insurance Plan).

Out-of-network plans

As with many of OHSU's primary care providers, we are typically considered out-of-network for Kaiser, most Providence plans and Lifewise. You are still welcome to come to JBT if we are out-of-network with your plan, and you still qualify for many free or discounted services because of your student or postdoc status. However, it is possible that any ancillary services, prescriptions and/or referrals may not be covered if ordered by a JBT primary care provider. Please contact your insurance carrier if you have any questions regarding coverage with your plan. 

Confidentiality when billing insurance

We take your confidentiality very seriously and want to be as transparent as possible about when your information can be disclosed. In order for any office to bill your insurance, they must submit information about the components of the visit, including the diagnosis. If you are a dependent on another person's plan, such as your parent/guardian or spouse, that person may receive information from the insurance company about charges and payment. If you have any concerns about this, please discuss this immediately with your clinician or the receptionist at the time of service. Procedures are available to help you maintain confidentiality.  One option is to change the visit type to self-pay, which means any bills would be sent directly to you. 

Pre-authorization for certain services

Some medical procedures offered at JBT require pre-authorization, depending on your insurance carrier.  Our managed care department will seek this pre-authorization from your insurance carrier, and we will need to wait until it is obtained before completing the procedure. 


Services that will remain self-pay include (we will attempt to bill insurance and then if not covered, the student will be billed):

Ancillary Services

Sometimes JBT providers will make referrals for services from outside providers, or draw labs at JBT but send these outside for completion.  These services will be billed to you separately from those ancillary departments.  Additionally, JBT does not dispense medication from the clinic and prescriptions will be billed from your pharmacy of choice.  All expenses related to ancillary medical services or referrals outside of JBT are the responsibility of the student/postdoc and their health insurance company.


Students on the Student Health Insurance Plan will have acupuncture services covered at 100% with a JBT provider referral. 

Students and postdocs with outside health insurance coverage have two options:

  • JBT can bill your insurance.  Co-pays and deductibles will apply.
  • You can opt to self-pay at the discounted rate of $35 per session.

Billing Questions

We understand that medical billing and insurance are complex, and are dedicated to helping you navigate the system so you can receive the best care.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and we would be happy to help.