Faculty Services

Login to OHSU Faculty Self-Serve (OFSS)

OHSU Faculty Self-Serve (OFSS) is a secure, interactive application where Faculty and/or Advisors may display student grades, review class schedules, post your online syllabus, view class roster and email students.

Click here for instructions on how to enter grades.

Click here for a power point presentation on the many features of OHSU Faculty Self-Serve.

There are two ways to log in to OFSS:

1.  For Faculty with OHSU network credentials use your network user name and password to sign in to OFSS:

Click here to sign in with your network credentials.  Click in the top box labeled 'Log in with your OHSU network account'.

2.  For Faculty without OHSU network credentials:  OFSS Online will require a University ID and PIN if you do not have an OHSU network account.   If you need to have your PIN reset, call the Helpdesk at 503 494-2222. If you have not received your User ID via an e-mail, you may contact the Registrar's office at 503 494-7800.

Click here to sign in with UID and PIN.  Click in the middle box labeled 'Faculty without OHSU Network Accounts'.

If you have other problems with OHSU Faculty Self-Serve (OFSS), call the Registrar's office at 503 494-7800 or 1-800-775-5460