Volunteer Resources and Training

2018/19 Volunteer Information Session

Missed the Volunteer Information Session? No problem check out the slides deck below to learn more about your program.

2018/19 Volunteer Information Session Slide Deck


Middle School Volunteer Training

Thank you for signing up to volunteer with our wonderful middle school students. Volunteers play an integral roll and we wouldn't be able to do the amazing work we do without you!

Below is all you need to succeed as a volunteer this fall with our Stethoscope Engineering Lesson. Please review the materials to prepare yourself to lead a class of middle school students through the lesson.



Middle School Volunteer Training Videos

Surgical Solution Training Oct to Dec 2018

Brain Lesson Volunteer Training, Jan to May 2019

For our brain lesson volunteers work with Middle School students in small groups. During the lesson you will teach the students about their brains through hands on activities.

We offer monthly lunch time trainings to prepare volunteers to work with the middle school students. Please check our calendar  and sign up for a training. Please e-mail us at ontrack@ohsu.edu with any questions.

Volunteer Brain Lesson Plan: This document will help prepare you to lead the middle school students through the activity. With 6th grade students we are making clay brains and teaching them about the locations for different functions. 7th and 8th graders learn about how their brain physically acquires knowledge and play a brain tower engineering game in small groups with their volunteer. 

7th/8th grade student worksheet

7th/8th grade student worksheet: This worksheet is used by the 7th and 8th grade students during the lesson.

Video Trainings

Please use these video trainings if you cannot attend a in person training to help prepare you for volunteering at the middle schools. Each training video is approximately 15 minutes. You will need to watch both videos to prepare you for working with all grade levels.