Membership & Usage

student center membership

The Student Center offers recreational membership options to OHSU community members and guests, but its primary goal is to provide current OHSU students with extracurricular opportunities and grant them priority access to the facility. 

Who can use the Student Center?

  •  Currently enrolled OHSU students and visiting students;
  •  Current OHSU residents and fellows in a registered GME program;
  •  Significant others of OHSU students, residents, and fellows;
  •  OHSU employees, faculty, and volunteers;
  •  Guests of OHSU (18 yrs. and over).

What is needed to use the facility?

  • OHSU students - Present your current OHSU ID badge to the front desk;
  • OHSU Residents and fellows (GME program only) - Present your current OHSU ID badge, and obtain an access card at no charge;
  • Employees - Must purchase an access card ($20 minimum), employees also have the option to sign up for payroll deduction;
  • Community members - Must purchase an access card ($20 minimum). 
    • Employees and community members: $20 access card = 5 swims/$4 per visit
    • All members must present their access card and have available funds to utilize Student Center amenities. 


Are there restricted areas?

Access to the Wellness Room and its cardio equipment is limited to currently enrolled OHSU students, residents, fellows and their significant others.   

Are there restricted recreational activities?

The Student Center does not allow organized groups, one-on-one sessions, coaching sessions, or sponsor group or individual training.  The only sanctioned organized activities include our intramural sports program and a martial arts class.  Our resources are primarily for the benefit of the OHSU students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff community.  If guests of OHSU are interested in organized activities, please contact March Wellness & Fitness Center

Which amenities can be rented?

The gymnasium and media room are the only amenities available to rent or reserve.  The swimming pool and Nucleus Lounge are dedicated common spaces and are not available to rent. 

Do we offer basket and locker rentals?

Storage baskets and bike lockers with pre-assigned locks are available for rent.  We also have lockers available while patrons are using Student Center amenities but need to provide their own lock.

Individuals using the Student Center must follow all rules and regulations. 

  • OHSU and the Student Center have the right to revoke visiting privileges to anyone failing to follow Student Center policies including member(s) or guest(s) discovered conducting structured individual or group/team training or activities.
  • Access cards must be presented and have available funds for access to the facility.  If the access card has a zero balance it must be re-loaded with the $20 minimum at the time of service.
  • Daily drop-in fees/one time use of the facility are not available.
  • Each patron must sign-up for their own access card. 
  • Access cards are non-transferable, non-refundable, and offer no cash back.
  • Access cards are valid for services and products offered by the Student Center and Campus Store.
  • Access cards do not expire.
  • If lost, access cards can be replaced for a fee.    

For membership rates please call 503-494-8295 or email the