Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Program

The Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Program at CDRC provides help for many behavioral issues that affect children and their families.

Our skilled professionals offer focused, behaviorally-based assessment and treatment plans for specific behavioral issues for a wide variety of issues and age ranges.

We often work with other health care providers, such as pediatricians, as needed to make sure all aspects of presenting problems are addressed.  We work with the family to be sure all aspects of care are understood and treated to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Issues Addressed

The CDRC Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Program provides evaluation and diagnosis of many behavioral issues. We focus on youth of all ages (young adults may be appropriate on a case-by-case basis). We help youth with and without medical or developmental conditions, as long as the help is for issues that we treat.

For more information about the issues addressed within the Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Program, including:

  • Toileting Problems
  • Tics and Habit Problems
  • Bedtime and Sleep Problems
  • Behavior Concerns of Young Childhood
  • Difficulty following medical plans/regimens, wearing medical devices, and more