Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the final step in a long process of clinical research. They allow researchers and physicians to apply what is learned in the laboratory to studies with human participants.

Clinical trials enable scientists to test the true value of their research tools in diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases and disabilities. Each clinical trial provides an opportunity in which a promising new invention or treatment is tested in humans for the first time.

What clinical trials are going on now at OHSU?

There are many clinical trials in different departments happening simultaneously at OHSU.  

How do I enroll one of my patients into a clinical trial at OHSU?

Our clinical studies would not be possible without the thousands of Oregonians and others who volunteer each year.

To enroll one of your patients to participate in an OHSU clinical trial, contact the person listed for the specific study or call 503 494-7887.

Other online clinical trial resources

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OHSU Clinical and Translational Research Center

OHSU's Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) facilitates access to clinical trials and study opportunities at OHSU. The Center is involved in a wide range of research. If you are interested in using the CTRC for a clinical trial please contact the OCTRI navigators at or 503 418-9790.