Hepatitis C & Liver Care

The Hepatitis C and Liver Care Project ECHO clinic is designed to train front-line clinicians to treat Hepatitis C with the new Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAA's) and help keep patients in their medical homes and local communities. video conference healthcare

This ECHO program will meet twice a month for one hour for high-yield didactic learning sessions, open discussions, and case presentations/discussions. we will come together as a community to share learning in cases, share resources and provide tools to build treatment programs at the community level.  


The topics that will be covered during the coming year include:

  • Epidemiology/Screening for Hepatitis C 
  • Addressing the Patient with new diagnosis of Hepatitis C  
  • Assessing Severity of liver disease in HCV 
  • Management of the Patient with chronic HCV
  • Antiviral treatment  Drug-Drug interactions and Common Side Effects of DAAs
  • Building a Treatment Program for Hepatitis C
  • Antiviral treatment in Unique Populations 
  • Management of Patients who have achieved virological response 
  • HCV Resistance Associated Variants  
  • Extra-hepatic Manifestations of HCV 
  • Hepatitis B diagnosis 
  • HIV diagnosis in the context of HCV treatment 
  • Management of HCV in People who Inject Drugs (PWID's) 
  • Use of Herbal and Dietary Supplements in Liver Disease 
  • Marijuana use in patients with HCV/Liver disease 
  • Natural History of Cirrhosis 
  • Liver Imaging 
  • HCC Surveillance 
  • Ascites 
  • Varices 
  • Hepatic Encephalopathy
  • Basics of Liver Physiology/Abnormal LFT's 
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease