Regional Telemedicine - StrokeThe OHSU Telemedicine Network provides patients in community hospitals throughout Oregon immediate access to stroke neurologists 24/7. Using secure two-way audio-video communications, physicians at participating hospitals can consult with OHSU stroke specialists on the most accurate diagnosis of a patient's illness and the most effective treatment.

Benefits to Network Hospitals

OHSU can help you to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients. Telemedicine is one way OHSU supports you in your mission to create healthier communities.

The OHSU Telemedicine Network:

  • Provides immediate access to a stroke neurologist.
  • Assists in the diagnosis and best possible treatment plan for the patient, which improves outcomes.
  • Avoids costly and stressful transfers for patients, keeping them in their local communities.
  • Reduces the cost of care.
  • Increases patient and physician satisfaction.

We work with you to provide the most effective medical treatment as quickly as possible with the goal of keeping patients in their home communities whenever possible.

How Telemedicine Works

  • Local physician evaluates the patient and determines the need for consultation with an OHSU stroke specialist.
  • Access to stroke neurologists is activated with one call to 503 494-7000 or 800 648-6478.
  • If a teleconsult is needed, a video conferencing cart is moved to the patient's bedside.
  • Patient, family and physician speak directly to the OHSU stroke specialist.
  • OHSU specialist works with the local physician to examine the patient and review any lab tests and imaging.
  • If necessary, staffs at both hospitals work together to prepare the patient for air or ground transport to OHSU.

For more information visit:

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