Tele-Genetics Consultations

tele-genetics_consultationThe OHSU Telemedicine Network allows hospitals to provide genetic consultations by OHSU’s board certified medical geneticists and genetic counselors who help individuals better understand their likelihood of developing cancer.

Benefits of Tele-Genetics

  • Expert analysis by OHSU medical geneticists and genetic counselors to determine if genetic testing is appropriate
  • Expert interpretation of genetic test results by OHSU medical geneticists
  • Assist local hospitals with patient education regarding cancer risk, genetic testing options and the risks and benefits of testing
  • Cancer awareness, early detection and prevention
  • Communications support among family members
  • Expands the scope of care community hospitals can provide
  • Spares patients the time and expense of traveling to Portland for testing and analysis.

How Tele-Genetics Works

  • Physician refers patient to community hospital for genetic risk assessment.
  • Genetic counselor works with patient to determine if genetic testing is appropriate based on personal and family history.
  • If patient is appropriate for testing, samples are obtained by the community hospital and are sent to a specialized genetic testing laboratory.
  • OHSU medical geneticist analyzes results and shares the results with the patient by telephone. Follow up consultations are available for patients and are conducted via a secure two-way audio-video connection in the patient’s hometown hospital.

Tele-Genetics Sites

  • Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center - Medford

Get Connected

For more information about getting connected to OHSU’s tele-genetics services, call 503 494-4086.

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