Registration is an important step to becoming an OHSU patient after you have scheduled your first appointment. It helps each clinic correctly identify you and your medical information. Registration includes collecting basic information from you and creating your medical record.

Where and when to register

Registering when you schedule your first appointment or before the day of that appointment will save you time and ensure all required paperwork has been completed.

Register by phone

Registering by phone is very easy. Since staff in our Ambulatory Registration Department are available during normal clinic hours, you can complete your registration at the same time you are making your appointment. Ask the clinic receptionist to transfer your call to the Registration Office after he or she schedules your appointment.

If it is not convenient to register at that time, call 503 494-8505 or 888 222-6478, ext. 48505. Staff members are available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Registration checklist:

Please have your insurance card(s) available when you call or register in person. The information you will need available to complete registration includes:

  • Your full legal name, including maiden name or any other former names,  nicknames
  • Your birth date
  • Your street address (or the address of the parents or guardians of minor children.)
  • Your home, work, and cell phone numbers (or phone numbers for the parents or guardians of minor children.)
  • Your Social Security number (Please note: Your Social Security number, mother's maiden name, and/or place of birth are not required, they are collected for identity purposes only.  You will be asked to verify this information when calling in the future, so that we can ensure we have verified your identity before talking with you. )
  • Health insurance information (name of the insurance company, name of the insured person and his/her place of work, mailing address for claims, and group and policy numbers)
  • Medicaid or Medicare card (if the patient receives federal or state assistance)
  • Name, address and telephone number for person who will be responsible for payments
  • Special requirements (interpreter, stretcher access, etc.)
  • Date, location and type of injury (This information is necessary only if you are seeking treatment because of an accident involving a vehicle or occurring while you were at work.)
  • Please call the Ambulatory Registration Department at 503 494-8505 if you need to update or change your registration information, such as name, address, or insurance changes.)