Patient Relations

Patient relations discussionPatient Relations staff are committed to providing patient advocacy, complaint management, crisis intervention and ethics consultation in a non-judgmental, non-defensive, harassment-free manner.

We are committed to core ethical values of:

  • Service excellence
  • Patient autonomy
  • Cultural understanding
  • Compassion
  • Spiritual comfort
  • Patient and family centered care
  • Justice and integrity

Patients should be able to be treated by providers who can meet their diverse needs – providers who share a common bond, whether ethnic background, language, religion, or culture.

Further, we are committed to providing consumer access to healthcare information and resources, within a nurturing and safe environment of care.

Services we offer:

  • Provide a centralized mechanism for addressing patient concerns,
  • complaints and grievances.
  • Act as liaison between patients and medical providers.
  • Provide access to resources for individual needs and questions.
  • Personalize and humanize the healthcare experience.
  • Explain OHSU Policies, procedures and services.
  • Answer requests for medical ethics consultation.
  • Provide access to information regarding sensitive healthcare questions