Frequently Asked Questions

Can I or my family come in for one day to volunteer?

Where can I go to find out about volunteering for a research study?

OHSU's department of Research Development and Administration has a list of the latest studies that are in need of research volunteers.

What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer?

At OHSU, the minimum age is 14 (and in the 9th grade). At Doernbecher, the minimum age is 16.

Can my school or community group come in to volunteer?

Groups cannot volunteer in patient areas at OHSU or Doernbecher Children's Hospital because of infection control and privacy concerns. Additionally, our patients may not be comfortable being visited by so many people at once.

I would like to shadow a doctor or nurse. Can the volunteer office help me?

The volunteer office does not arrange clinical shadows. Students should contact their family physician or ask their career advisors for assistance.

I would like to gain research experience by volunteering in a lab at OHSU or Doernbecher. What should I do?

Students should contact the research departments directly. If a lab requires volunteer assistance and selects you as a volunteer, the department will let the volunteer office know so that we can work with you to get the required paperwork completed.

Can the volunteer office organize a tour or shadow for a group of students?

Students can experience OHSU through the Discover OHSU! Program, which works with high school juniors and seniors enrolled in science classes. View more information about science education opportunities.