Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer at OHSU Healthcare?

To volunteer at OHSU, you must be at least at least 14 years of age and in high school. At Doernbecher, the minimum age is 16.

What is the minimum time commitment required to volunteer at OHSU Hospital?

We require a minimum commitment of six months of service in most of our volunteer assignments; although some assignments require a longer commitment time. Volunteers are assigned to a regular weekly schedule, serving a minimum of 4 hours per week/shift.

Can I or my family come in for one day to volunteer?

Our minimum commitment for volunteers is six months, done in a minimum of one three-to-four-hour shift per week. To find one-day or family-friendly volunteer options in the community visit the Portland area volunteer center.

Can my school or community group come in to volunteer?

We are unable to offer group volunteer opportunities at OHSU Healthcare due to infection control standards, as well as the protection of our patients’ confidentiality and comfort. Your group can help OHSU Hospital and Clinics or Doernbecher Children's Hospital by organizing fundraiser or toy drives.

I would like to shadow a doctor or a nurse. Can Volunteer Services help me?

We do not assist with arranging shadowing opportunities. If you are interested in shadowing a doctor or nurse, please talk to your primary care provider.

I would like to gain research experience by volunteering in a lab. What should I do?

If you are a student interested in volunteering to assist in a lab, please contact the research department directly. If a lab selects you as a volunteer, the department will contact the academic volunteer coordinator to assist you with completing any requirements.

Can the volunteer office organize a tour for a group of students?

Students can experience OHSU through one of our K-12 programs.

Who do I contact to explore starting a new volunteer program at OHSU Hospital?

Please contact our office at 503 418-5376, or at .