Physicians Pavilion

3147 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road

Portland, Oregon 97239

Getting to Physicians Pavilion

Main lobby

Physicians Pavilion is located on the right side of S.W. Jackson Park Road as you are driving up to Marquam Hill. In the lobby of Physicians Pavilion, you will find an information desk, elevators and pharmacy. 

From this lobby, you can easily access Sam Jackson Hall which is located across Pavilion Loop from Physicians Pavilion or Multnomah Pavilion which is located behind this building. 


Physicians Pavilion has a convenient parking garage below the building, and free valet parking is available (see below).

Valet parking

Free valet parking is also available for patients, and for friends and family who are visiting patients who are in the hospital:

Physicians Pavilion garage valet parking

Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
After parking, take the parking elevators up to the lobby of Physicians Pavilion or to your desired location or floor.