Alternative Treatments (CAM)

Research shows that combining standard medical treatment with other types of treatment called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can help neurological (brain and nervous system) symptoms. Some CAM treatments can slow down the progress of a disease.

The OHSU Brain Institute's Neurology Wellness Clinic can help you decide which CAM treatments are right for you. We also work with your healthcare providers to make sure any alternative therapies you use are coordinated with your standard medical care. Our CAM providers are members of the OHSU Department of Neurology. They have training in acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and naturopathic medicine (natural treatments).

A CAM provider considers all the treatments you receive, including standard medical care, when creating your alternative treatment plan. Alternative medicine treatment is also holistic. Your CAM healthcare provider will ask you about every part of your life, from how much you sleep or exercise to the foods you treat. In CAM, all these things are an important part of helping you be as healthy as possible, even if you have a serious medical condition. After talking with you, examining you and reviewing your medical records, your OHSU CAM provider works with you to develop a customized treatment plan.   

A Scientific Approach To Natural Treatments & Alternative Therapies 

OHSU is a national leader in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)  research for neurological (brain and nervous system) disorders. Our experts use science to test CAM treatments such as fish oils, meditation, stress reduction, diet changes, antioxidants and nutritional biomarkers (chemicals in the body having certain characteristics, that can be watched as treatment progresses) for these conditions. Below are the types of therapies offered:

Brain & Nervous System Conditions Treated With CAM

The OHSU Neurology Wellness Clinic offers counseling and alternative treatments for many conditions treated at the OHSU Brain Institute. These include: