Make an Appointment

Dr. Jeff Kaye converses with patient

Scheduling your first appointment


Before you schedule your first appointment, have your doctor call our consultation line at 800-245-6478 to make a referral.

Our clinic must receive:

  • A completed referral/intake form
  • Recent relevant medical records from your primary healthcare provider, neurologist or both
Our scheduling staff will contact you when your referral is processed. This referral is different from an insurance authorization (approval). If your insurance company requires an authorization, the referring provider should get that authorization and send it to us.

Information for referring providers

Return appointments

After your first appointment, you can schedule your own appointments by calling our scheduling line at 503-494-7772 (press Option 1).

Prepare for Your Visit

Before you visit the Layton Center clinic, you will receive a medical history form in the mail. Please fill out the form. A family member can help you with this form.

Please bring these items to your appointment:

  • Completed medical history form
  • List of your medications and any vitamins or other supplements you take
  • Bring a family member with you to provide critical information, which will help us plan your care.
During your visit, the doctor will: 
  • Review your medical history with you and the family member who comes with you
  • Do a brief physical examination
  • Do a neurological (brain and nervous system) examination
  • Go over any records sent by your referring doctor

Your visit will take about two hours.

For questions about your appointment, please contact our clinic.