Brain and CNS Tumors

For patients that have been diagnosed with a brain tumor or CNS tumor, our expert doctors can offer the latest surgical procedures and treatment options available. We are proud to partner with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to provide comprehensive care if that is what you require. 


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Treatment options

Brain Tumors

OHSU has the only microsurgery brain laboratory of its kind in Oregon. In this laboratory, our surgeons practice and teach the most advanced techniques for brain and nervous system surgery using tiny instruments, computers and the latest technology for seeing inside the body. Our microsurgery experience allows us to surgically treat or remove the most complex brain tumors more safely and efficiently.

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About our specialists

Our doctors are experts at treating brain and central nervous system tumors. Whether your tumor is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous), OHSU neurosurgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists work together to give you the most advanced, compassionate care.

For almost 20 years, OHSU has been a center for brain tumor and central nervous system tumor treatment and research. Hospitals and health centers around the United States refer people to the OHSU Brain Institute for neurosurgical treatment. We are proud to collaborate with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute for comprehensive patient care.

If you or your loved one need brain surgery or central nervous system surgery, you should know that experience counts. At OHSU, our neurosurgeons are highly experienced. They operate on approximately 250 people each year with outstanding outcomes.

OHSU is Oregon’s only academic health center and our doctors are also researchers and teachers. They have published many articles in medical journals based on their research and patient care experience.

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