The OHSU Facial Pain Program Team

Trigeminal neuralgia is believed to be the most severe form of pain you can experience. Dr. Kim Burchiel is a nationally and internationally known expert on trigeminal neuralgia, including surgery for this condition. He leads the OHSU Facial Pain Program team, which includes our physician assistant, nurses, researchers and other experts.

Over the past five years, Dr. Burchiel and his team have treated more than 1,000 patients with trigeminal neuralgia. They have the skill and experience needed to make an accurate diagnosis and find the most effective treatment for you.

Dr. Burchiel’s team has developed the world’s first online, artificial neural network to diagnose facial pain conditions. This computer program he developed classifies the type of pain you have based on your answers to questions about your pain. This advanced tool helps you assist your doctor in making a correct diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis means you can avoid unnecessary procedures, seek the best treatment for your problem and find relief for your pain as quickly as possible.

If your trigeminal neuralgia is treated at OHSU, the Facial Pain Program gives you access to all the expertise and resources available at Oregon’s only academic health center. We are bringing new hope to patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and other facial pain disorders.