Make an Appointment

Make an appointment in the OHSU ALS and Neuromuscular Clinic

For new patients

Referral required
For an appointment, we need to receive a referral from your primary care provider or neurologist. We do not accept self-referrals. Your doctor may make a referral by calling our consultation line, 800-245-6478. Our scheduling staff will contact you when your referral is processed.

Insurance authorization
If your insurance company requires an authorization, the provider's office referring you should get the authorization and give us the information.

Images and scans
If you have X-rays, MRIs or CT scans, please bring copies to your appointment or have your doctor send them to us.

Registration with OHSU
If you have not received care at OHSU before, or your insurance or other information has changed since your last visit, please register. The registration phone number is 503-494-8505 (or toll-free 888-222-6478, extension 4-8505).

For established patients

Follow-up appointments may be scheduled directly by calling our scheduling line at 503-494-7772(choose option 1).