Pain Management Treatment Options

Pain Management Treatment

The OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center offers you a wide range of services for acute, chronic and neurologic-related pain.

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced pain specialists has a wide range of expertise. At our center, you can take advantage of advanced treatments in a supportive, compassionate environment.

Pain is a complex medical problem that can greatly affect your physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to help you:

  • Reduce pain and suffering
  • Get back to your maximum level of activity
  • Have more control over your your quality of life

To help you find pain relief, your doctor may refer you to the OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center for:

  • An evaluation
  • One or more specific procedures
  • Ongoing treatment

Our services include:

Evaluation and consultation

Healthcare specialists from our multidisciplinary team provide physical examinations and evaluate your condition.

Diagnosis and treatment procedures

Our experts can do many procedures to accurately diagnose and treat your pain.

Psychological services

Mental health specialists are available to help you deal with the physical and mental problems that pain has caused in your life.

Physical therapy

Physical therapists can help restore your ability to do normal daily activities that chronic pain may have affected.


Complementary medicine (healthcare that is not standard medical treatment but can be used at the same time) may help relieve your pain. Medical acupuncture is an example of complementary medicine.