The Clinic

Time with your provider

The Parkinson ClinicAs an academic institution, we have full one-hour consultations for new patients and 30-minute follow-up appointments.

We allow more time for your healthcare provider so he or she can:

  • Understand your problem
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Explain treatment plans

Talented experts

Our medical specialists are among the best in the Northwest, the United States and in the world.

Our team trains physicians and other healthcare providers on how to care for people with PD and other movement disorders. Local neurologists consult our experts about complex Parkinson's disease and movement disorder issues.

We have a long history of research successes. We're always planning the next step to discover better treatments, causes and cures.

Team approach

Team Approach

In addition to the best healthcare providers, you are able to access a complete team of experts with advanced training in Parkinson's disease and neurological care.

We believe in complete or total team care for our patients. Our team meets regularly to make the most of your patient care. Our team includes:

Specialists—trained experts in diagnosing and treating PD and other movement disorders.

Nurse—nurse coordinator to manage your overall PD patient care.

Social worker—family care specialist works with patients and care partners to meet the challenges of the progressive nature of PD.

Therapists—specially trained in the uncommon qualities of PD and how best to manage it. We have two speech language pathologists (S.L.P.), two physical therapists (P.T.), and an occupational therapist (O.T.).

Psychiatrist—specialized evaluation of  neuropsychological (brain-behavior relationship) issues.

Alternative therapies—we are fortunate to have a complimentary medicine team for consultation and care. This team includes a naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, psychologist and spiritualist.

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