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Giving to the OHSU Pituitary Center

The OHSU Pituitary Center is committed to providing excellent patient care, contributing to knowledge about pituitary diseases and partnering with community doctors to care for their patients. We offer resources and hope to people from around the Northwest region. In recent years, our OHSU Pituitary Center researchers have developed new medications and treatments for pituitary disorders, including pituitary tumors.

You can help us treat pituitary disorders and develop new therapies with a tax-deductible gift directed to the OHSU Pituitary Center.

Honor gifts and memorials

Honor gifts are a special way to acknowledge important people in your life. These gifts are often given on special occasions, such as a friend's or relative's birthday, graduation or anniversary. They can also be given to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to pay respect and express a tribute to someone who has passed on.

Memorial and honor gifts can be made by phone, mail or online. Donors should include the name or names of the recipients of the honor or memorial gift. Donors should also include the name and address of anyone whom they wish to receive an acknowledgement of their donation.

If making an online donation, this information should be provided in the comments box. The gift designation box should be to “pituitary disorders care and research.”

Donations to the OHSU Pituitary Center/OHSU Foundation are tax-deductible as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

Estate planning

By naming the OHSU Pituitary Center as a beneficiary in your will your generosity will be a lasting legacy for future people with pituitary disorders. The OHSU Development Department and local attorneys can help you with your estate planning and also minimize taxes on these gifts.

There are many creative ways to accomplish this generous giving:

Bequests – Gifts by will or revocable living trust may be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your total estate or a residual amount remaining after all specific bequests and expenses have been paid.

Beneficiary designations – By naming the OHSU Pituitary Center as a beneficiary of retirement plans, life insurance policies, transfer-on-death accounts and commercial annuities, you can control your funds during your life and avoid income and estate taxes on your death.

Life income gifts – This gift allows you to make a significant contribution while protecting or improving your personal financial situation. These gift plans provide income for life, an immediate income tax deduction and the potential for reduced estate taxes. The most common life income gifts are charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Real estate with retained life interest – A gift of a remainder interest in real estate allows you to transfer ownership while retaining the right to live in your residence for the remainder of your life. An income tax deduction is available for a portion of the value of the real estate. It is also possible to convert the retained life interest to a stream of income.

Giving to the OHSU Pituitary Center through these or other gift vehicles can give hope to those with epilepsy and at the same time help you avoid excessive taxes.

Gifts of stock

To make a stock gift, please contact your banker or broker. Stock gifts can be made to:

The OHSU Pituitary Center
OHSU Foundation

Mailstop 45
PO Box 4000
Portland OR 97208-9852

Tax ID #23-7083114

All stock gifts will be valued at the average market price on the day the security is donated. To confirm receipt of the gift, please contact:

Lori Sweeney (OHSU Foundation)


Corporate matching gifts

Many corporations have matching gift programs that match your donation to a charitable organization. It is an easy and valuable way to increase the impact of your personal donation to the OHSU Pituitary Center.

Here are several easy steps to making a matching gift:

  • Check with your company's human resources department to find out about its matching gift policy.
  • If there is a matching gift program, they will give you a form to complete and send to the address below with your basic donation.
  • Upon receipt, we will verify your gift and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift to the OHSU Pituitary Center.

Please send all gifts and the form to:

The OHSU Pituitary Center
OHSU Foundation

Mailstop 45
PO Box 4000
Portland OR 97208-9852

Tax ID #23-7083114