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At the OHSU Brain Institute’s Stroke Center, our specialists work in teams to provide advanced care for stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders.

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If you have stroke symptoms, call 911.

The faster you call, the more brain tissue and function you can save. With a stroke, time is brain.

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New advancements in stroke treatment

"This really could vastly increase the number of patients that we could help after a stroke"

Dr Wayne Clark discusses a new new treatment in clinical trial at OHSU.

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Stroke outcomes data

Stroke Outcomes Data

For more than 30 years the OHSU Stroke Team has provided high quality stroke care to the Pacific Northwest. 

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A stroke of awareness


One Friday, I felt a tingle in my leg. On Saturday, I felt tired. Sunday I went to play a soccer game and had no energy. Monday, my left side felt numb, and by Tuesday, I couldn’t move my left side at all.

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