If you've been diagnosed with a brain or nervous system condition, you want the best team of experts supporting you every step of the way. You'll find those experts at the OHSU Brain Institute. We're a Northwest leader in healthcare, known for new and advanced treatments, research, advanced technology and compassionate care. Our expertise covers nearly every brain or nervous system condition, from the common to the extremely rare.

Nationally recognized

The OHSU Brain Institute is a national leader in neuroscience (brain and nervous system) research and care. The U.S. National Institutes of health ranks us in the top for research funding among all institutions doing basic neuroscience research (laboratory research).

Outstanding expertise

Our doctors are fellowship-trained, which means they have advanced training in their own brain and nervous system specialties. Every doctor has extensive knowledge of his or her field. He or she has dedicated an entire career to fighting a certain condition.

Coordinated care

We help you and your family by providing total care for your brain or nervous system condition and coordinating everything you need from different clinics. Your care team includes specialists who are experts at treating specific conditions. The team works together with you to decide on the best treatment.

New cures and treatments

Besides the latest treatments, the OHSU Brain Institute has many clinical trials on groundbreaking new therapies. This gives you access to more treatment options than any other hospital in Oregon.

All in one place

At the OHSU Brain Institute, you can get all the treatment and support services you need in one place.