Voices for Injury Prevention

Speakers share their stories

ThinkFirst is effective and successful largely because of young speakers who help us deliver the ThinkFirst message. ThinkFirst VIPs (Voices for Injury Prevention) share their personal stories with audiences of all ages. VIPs are individuals that have sustained a brain or spinal cord injury and wish to share their prevention message with others. They tell us that sharing their story through ThinkFirst gives them the unique, rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people.

ThinkFirst VIPs talk candidly with students about their lives before their injury, how they were injured, how their lives have changed since sustaining their injury, and about the decision and circumstance that led to their injuries. Each presentation is followed by a question and answer discussion session.

VIPs are specially chosen for their expertise in health education and their ability to relate to young people. Their compelling stories have a powerful impact on students and are central to ThinkFirst's success in decreasing risk behaviors among Oregon's young people.

“I don’t remember the crash, but I’ve thought about it a lot. It was only five miles home, and I didn’t expect anything to happen during such a short drive!

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“After I got my first concussion, I was in a rush to get back to doing all the stuff I wanted to do but getting my second concussion ended up causing me to have to put my life on hold for two years.”

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“I had never worn a helmet on a skateboard so I wasn’t wearing one that day either.”

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“My story could easily be that of the person who’s hit by you or someone you are a passenger with.”

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