Our Team

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute bone marrow transplant program, our entire transplant team specializes in bone marrow transplant. Our doctors, nurses and therapists have dedicated their careers to caring for patients who need bone marrow transplants and to developing advanced treatments.

Our bone marrow transplant cancer team is led by renowned hematologist and medical oncologist Dr. Richard Maziarz, who works with the entire team to determine the best treatment for you. Our doctors and nurses meet weekly to discuss all of our patients, giving you the benefit of the entire team’s knowledge and expertise.

Nurse coordinators

Trish Blake, R.N.
Linda Chalmers, R.N.
Greta Hartman, R.N.
Jolene Kemp, R.N.
Anne Kratz, R.N.
Lisa Kruse, R.N.
Bashi Ratterree, R.N.
Florence Seelig, R.N.

In addition to our nurse practictioners and physician assistants, you’ll meet with the following team members during hospital stays or clinic vists:

Hospital medical team

A team of doctors who check on how you are doing each morning.  These visits are called rounds. Your family members are welcome and encouraged to be in the room during rounds to ask questions of the doctors or other team members. Rounds are usually early in the morning, so you may want to ask your doctor or nurse when family members should be at the hospital.

Nursing care partners

These team members include clinic nurses, hospital nurses, certified medical assistants and nurse assistants; schedulers and secretaries who will help you on your clinic visits and while you stay overnight in the hospital.

Social workers:

Social workers are part of our team. They can help you and your family with many of the concerns that go along with having a transplant. For example, social workers can help with psychological (mental and emotional), social and resource-related issues. They can provide counseling or help you find a counselor, help you talk with your family and friends about your illness and treatment and help you find support groups, articles or books or other resources for coping with a transplant.

Managed care coordinator

Our managed care coordinator works closely with your insurance company to make sure your transplant services are covered. The managed care coordinator will also give information to your care team.