OHSU Knight Cancer Institute: Now on the east side

Ribbon Cutting ceremony

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer or a blood disease getting treatment close to home can make a difficult time easier.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality cancer care throughout the community. By expanding our services throughout the Portland area, we can help you or your family member receive treatment close to home, with all the benefits of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

InteriorRecently, the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute opened a community clinic at east Portland Adventist Medical Center. Patients at the clinic will receive all the cancer care options that Adventist offers, as well as the specialized treatments and services that OHSU provides, including clinical trial opportunities and a dedicated area for chemotherapy. The practice will be led by Mark Seligman, M.D.

Staying in your community to get care can mean more opportunities for collaboration - not just between you and your doctor, but among your entire care team.  Just like at any of our five community clinics, everyone, from doctors to nurses to technicians to technicians and office staff, is part of your treatment team and gets to know you as a person, not just a patient.

“There is a comfort in what you know,” says Dr. Seligman. “Most people don’t even want their hair cut by a total stranger - let alone blood drawn, or a shot.”

Interior“As healthcare providers, we have a responsibility to help the community stay healthy,” says David Russell, the vice president of business development at Adventist Medical Center. “Working together with OHSU, we can take advantage of our capabilities and combine them into great care for the east side.”

The clinic is located on the third floor of Adventist Medical Center’s new pavilion on Southeast Main Street.

“Think of it like a plane trip on a first-class airline,” Dr. Seligman says. “Sure, the plane has to have the technology to get off the ground, fly properly, land well. The flight should be smooth. But in the meantime, you want to be treated well and feel cared for.”