Leukemia Treatment

Leukemia Cancer Treatment

At OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we personalize leukemia treatment. Our leukemia team is led by internationally renowned oncologist Dr. Brian Druker. We offer the latest treatment options and pioneering leukemia research.

Leukemia treatment at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Leukemia Treatment at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
We see patients with acute and chronic leukemia (AML, APL, ALL, CML, CMML and CLL). Your first treatment for leukemia is by far the most important. At OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, you can expect to receive the best leukemia care available. You’ll also have access to advanced treatments being developed in clinical trials for leukemia.

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Leukemia clinical trials

Clinical Trials

Not all patients are cured with standard leukemia treatment, and some standard treatments have more side effects than you want to live with. If this is true for you, you might seek help through a clinical trial to treat your leukemia. Patients who participate in clinical trials have the first chance to benefit from leukemia treatments that have shown promise in earlier research. They also make an important contribution to healthcare by helping leukemia doctors learn more about the disease.

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