Our Team

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute radiation therapy clinic, our doctors specialize in radiation therapy. They have dedicated their careers to making sure each patient receives the safest, most effective treatment possible. Our doctors and nurses meet every week to discuss all our patients, giving you the benefit of the entire team’s knowledge and expertise.


Your caring and supportive radiation therapy team

If you have cancer, we’re here to get you through it. We have:

  • Experienced, compassionate  radiation therapists and nurses who tell you what to expect
  • Education about nutrition, side effects and other issues
  • Comprehensive follow-up program – the appointments, tests and information you need after treatment


Nicole Lanier, R.N.
Shelley Plott, R.N.,
ENT nurse coordinator
Wanda Roberts, R.N.
Florence Seelig, R.N.

Radiation therapists

Rebecca Botaitis
Robert Breckenridge
Linette Chapman
Andrea Dale
Linea Dymond
Janet Garrett
Dorothy Hargrove,
Chief Therapist
Bonne Luedloff
Scott Madsen
Jennifer McLaughlin
Adrian Posteuca
Jo Price
Dan Shankle
Ramon Sison

Medical physicists

Richard Crilly, Ph.D.
Tongming (Tony) He, Ph.D.
Wolfram Laub, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Brandon Merz, M.S.
Susha Pillai, M.S.
James Tanyi, Ph.D.
Junan Zhang, Ph.D.


Barbara Agrimson, C.M.D.
Paul Cooper
Charlie McCracken
Debra Monaco
Steve Rhodes, B.S., R.T.T.

PET CT technician

Roland Zheng