Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Image-guided radiation therapy, also called IGRT, is a way of delivering external beam radiation more effectively. If you have IGRT, you will have imaging scans before some or all of your radiation therapy sessions. Your radiation oncology team will use MRI or CT scans, ultrasound, X-rays or other scans to look at the tumor’s size, shape, location and any changes since your last radiation treatment.

Your doctor and radiation therapy team will compare the results of each new scan to the original images that were used to plan your treatment. The information allows them to customize each radiation therapy session, changing the shape and size of the radiation beam so the tumor receives the most effective treatment and healthy tissue around it is protected.

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, we use seven different types of sophisticated imaging equipment for image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Having many types to choose from allows your doctor to use the scans that are best for you, to give you the most effective, safe and personalized radiation therapy treatment.