Radiation Medicine Survivorship Program

Provider putting patient at ease during radiation treatment

Radiation Medicine Survivorship Program

The Radiation Medicine Survivorship Program provides services to cancer patients who received radiation therapy. We can:

  • Give you a treatment summary and follow-up plan
  • Arrange appointments for any needed tests or imaging
  • Offer care for any side effects
  • Talk with you about wellness
  • Provide any needed referrals for rehabilitation, support groups or other services

How the program works

Patients who had radiation for prostate cancer will be automatically referred to the program. Your survivorship visit will coincide with a regular follow-up visit six to 12 months after your treatment ends. If you had radiation for another type of cancer, please talk with your provider about a referral.

At your appointment, we will go over: 

  • Your treatment and follow-up plan
  • Wellness
  • Any services you might need, such as:
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Genetic counseling
    • Support group referral
    • Physical therapy or alternative medicine
    • Pain control or other treatments

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