Urologic Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Patient with prostate cancer gets good news from his doctor

The Urologic Cancer Survivorship Clinic meets the specific needs of patients who have survived prostate, bladder, kidney or testicular cancer as they move from active treatment to follow-up care. We also monitor patients who are at higher risk of urologic cancer or who have a cancer that doesn't require immediate treatment. 

We offer:

  • A team of providers, including a nurse practitioner, physical therapists, nutritionist, ostomy care experts, and a urologist with expertise in men's sexual health.
  • Help managing any late effects of cancer and cancer treatment.
  • Expertise in monitoring for cancer recurrence.
  • Short- or long-term care, depending on your needs and wishes.

How the program works

Your cancer care team will work with you to decide when it's time to transition to survivorship care. Then you'll meet with survivorship providers to develop a plan for monitoring and any follow-up care you might need for side effects from cancer or cancer treatment. 

Your providers can also help ease your transition back to your primary care doctor. They will remain available should any cancer-related questions or concerns arise.

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