About the BioLibrary

The OHSU Knight BioLibrary was established in 2011 with the express intent of implementing standardized practices for the collection, management and distribution to researchers of human specimens and related annotative data.

Researchers at OHSU had been collecting and storing human specimens for decades.  These collections have historically been independently managed for specific research purposes, with little sharing of biobanking best practices.  These efforts had resulted in the accumulation of thousands of samples with varying amounts of annotative data, and little secondary use by additional researchers. 

In support of standardization of best practices for managing these specimen collections, the BioLibrary has focused on improving the quality control and assurance measures.  These QA/QC measures include:

  • Operationally-aligned to NCI and ISBER industry guidance
  • Specimens maintained in a  College of American Pathology accredited facility
  • Board-certified pathologist review of tissues for topography, morphology and quality, both at specimen storage and distribution
  • Quality management plan includes:
    • standardized protocols
    • yearly employee proficiency assessment
    • chain of custody procedures
    • storage facility temperature monitoring with long-term backup power supply
    • redundant data storage